Over 130 years of combined team experience.


William E. LaRock

In 1984, with a year’s experience in reupholstery and training from friends who themselves had helped birth the present day leather repair and restoration industry, we began Metro Leather & Vinyl Repair. The learning curve was steep, but we persisted and continually sought out new and better ways to restore and care for leather and vinyl. Along the way, some extraordinary people joined our team who also brought a passion for excellence to the craft. Our company developed a reputation for integrity, competence and attention to detail. As a result, our specialty became high-end automobile interiors, and we became the preeminent service provider to that market in the greater Washington D.C. area. Leather furniture was at the time, our “minor”.

In 1998, we acquired some well developed home furnishing leather care and restoration technology when we bought out a local competitor-friend who himself was the dominant provider to that niche in the Washington Metro area. Today, we bring the breadth of this experience to our many discriminating clients, which include a host of prominent local businesses and individuals.  We renamed that company, "Metro Leather Furniture Restoration".

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